Name Your Vehicle - Let's Have Some Fun at Platte Valley Auto!

Pearl... Vader...Buella... yep -- I named my vehicles over the years!  LOL  Did you?

I saw where there is a Name Your Vehicle Day -- even though the day is past -- we can still have some fun!   On our Platte Valley Auto facebook page I will have some pictures of vehicles on our lot -- help us name them by commenting on the picture!  Also do us a favor and SHARE and LIKE the page as well.  Let's see what kind of names we can come up with!  Click HERE for the facebook page link.

We at Platte Valley Auto understand how important a vehicle decision can be for you and your family.   We want you to be comfortable with your decision and help you along the way.  From choosing the right one, to financing, maintenance, parts, service, even body work if something were to happen we are here for you every step of the way.    

The first car I owned was a Mercury Sable -- I believe Saber was it's name.  Later on I had a white car I named Pearl, and in college, a black Dodge Neon named Viper.

You can be proud when you GO to PLATTE VALLEY AUTO -- knowing that you are working with a local dealership that also gives back to area communities.  We are happy to still give you that hometown sales and service you deserve no matter where your hometown is.  Look us up and call     308-237-2171   308-324-5619

Written by: Marylyn Barnett, Platte Valley Auto 

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