Take a Test Drive with Platte Valley Auto -- Smaller Pickups

Today we are taking out a smaller pickup and featuring what we have on the lot.   This is a 2009 Chevrolet Colorado LT Crew Cab. 
Watch the test drive click here 
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Notes from the test drive:
  • It is a super cold day - and it started right up!.
  • Tires have a lot of good tread and a long life ahead of them yet
  • Inside is clean 
  • There is quite a bit of room inside for a smaller pickup
  • The buttons to switch in the 4x4 are handy 
  • Heater works great
  • It's a pretty smooth ride, especially considering the tires that are on it
  • The bed-liner is in good condition and a great thing to have
  • radio works 
  • If you are wanting a simple, smaller pickup this is a great option!   
If you have any questions or want to drive this around for yourself call out staff today in Lexington or Kearney   308-324-5619  308-237-2171